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About us

Celandor Books is a small, independent, Nottingham-based, not-for-profit book publisher promoting great writing that falls outside of the mainstream. (And as you can see we also specialise in writing long complex sentences. Get ready, there's another one coming up.....)

We work in partnership with the Climbing Mountains Literature Project, a Nottingham based charitable association that works to promote, develop and support initiatives within the alcohol and drug recovery community which teach literacy skills, promote writing as a means of self-expression and use writing as a means of promoting public awareness of issues connected with addiction, mental health and recovery.

In addition we have an Amazon affiliate bookstore and profits from that are used to subsidise our home produced works.

Kind Regards,
Mac McGuckin,
Celandor Books

ps - it's pronounced cell-an-door, in case you wondered!

pps - I'm afraid we are fully committed to ongoing projects and not actively seeking new work to publish at the moment. We're only little, you see. Thank you.